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Stretching Therapy 505

7. Stretching Therapy

  • 30 min
  • 130 Australian dollars
  • Samuel Street

Service Description

Stretching is a physical exercise that requires putting a body part in a certain position that'll serve in the lengthening and elongation of the muscle or muscle group and thus enhance its flexibility and elasticity. WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF STRETCHING? Improves flexibility delaying impaired mobility associated with aging Improves performance in physical activities as a result of improved flexibility Reduce the risk of injury and damage Improves blood circulation reducing muscle soreness and time for recovery Increasing the range of motion WHY TO USE STRETCHING Improves the joint range of motion Improves posture by strengthening the back muscles Returns normal neuromuscular balance between muscle groups Reduce injuries, strains and damage Before and after exercise to reduce muscle soreness TYPES OF STRETCHING Stretching exercises have traditionally been included as part of the training and recovery program. It's important to note that, maximal strength, number of repetitions and total volume is different for each type of stretching The three different types of stretching are: Static stretch (SS) Dynamic stretch (DS) Pre-contraction stretching: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching (PNFS)

Contact Details

  • 48 Samuel Street, Camp Hill QLD, Australia


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