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Mental Funct. Assessment & Diagnosis 500

Assessment and diagnosis of global & specific mental functions. Online or in person consult.

  • 1 h
  • From 190 Australian dollars
  • Online

Service Description

We use the World Health Organisation (WHO) International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) to conduct a thorough assessment, treatment and diagnosis of your condition. GLOBAL MENTAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Consciousness functions: a) state of consciousness b) continuity of consciousness c) quality of consciousness 2. Orientation functions: a) time b) place c) person d) objects e) space 3. Intellectual functions: eg. dementia and intellectual and mental retardation 4. Global psychosocial functions: eg. autism 5. Temperament and personality functions: a) extraversion b) agreeableness c) conscientiousness d) psychic stability e) openness to experience f) optimism g) confidence h) trustworthiness 6. Energy and drive functions: a) energy level b) motivation c) appetite d) craving e) impulse control 7. Sleep functions: a) amount of sleep b) onset of sleep c) maintenance of sleep d) quality of sleep e) functions involving the sleep cycle SPECIFIC MENTAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Attention functions: a) sustaining attention b) shifting attention c) dividing attention d) sharing attention 2. Memory functions: a) short-term memory b) long-term memory c) retrieval and processing of memory d) working memory 3. Psychomotor functions: a) psychomotor control b) quality of psychomotor functions 4. Emotional functions: a) appropriateness of emotion b) regulation of emotion c) range of emotion 5. Perceptual functions: a) auditory perception b) visual perception c) olfactory perception d) gustatory perception e) tactile perception f) visuospatial perception 6. Thought functions: a) pace of thought b) form of thought c) content of thought d) control of thought 7. Higher-level cognitive functions: a) abstraction b) organization and planning c) time management d) cognitive flexibility e) insight f) judgement g) problem Solving 8. Mental functions of language: a) reception of language b) expression of language c) integrative language functions 9. Calculation functions: a) simple calculation b) complex calculation 10. Mental function of sequencing complex movements eg. dressing apraxia ideation apraxia, ideomotor apraxia, oculomotor apraxia, speech apraxia 11. Experience of self and time functions: a) experience of self b) body image c) experience of time

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48 Samuel Street, Camp Hill QLD, Australia

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