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Memory Treatment

Specific mental functions

  • 30 min
  • 125 Australian dollars
  • Samuel Street

Service Description

Specific mental functions of registering and storing information and retrieving it as needed. Inclusions: - immediate memory - recent memory - remote memory - memory span - remembering Related Impairments: - dissociative amnesia - nominal amnesia - selective amnesia A. Short-term memory Mental functions that produce a temporary, disruptable memory store of around 30 seconds duration from which information is lost if not consolidated into long-term memory. B. Long-term memory Mental functions that produce a memory system permitting the long-term storage of information from short-term memory and both autobiographical memory for past events and semantic memory for language and facts. C. Retrieval and processing of memory Specific mental functions of recalling information stored in long-term memory and bringing it into awareness. D. Working memory Mental functions that compare and process information retrieved from both short-term and long-term memory.

Contact Details

  • 48 Samuel Street, Camp Hill QLD, Australia


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